Asian Wedding DJs


A disc jockey, or more popularly know by its abbreviation DJ, is person who specializes in mixing different songs while the music is playing. Usually they use pre-existing songs but there are some who mixes their own songs or tracks and then record it later on for mass distribution. Disc jockeys are famously known to be working inside night clubs or dance clubs where they perform live for the audience. But other than those places, disc jockeys can also be found working in radio broadcasting shows or in online radios where they can perform for a larger audience. In the context of hip-hop music, disc jockeys create beats with the use of percussion breaks, basslines, or as mentioned earlier, from pre-existing records where they get a sample and mix it with other tracks. The beats they create are popularly used by hip-hop rappers as background music where they can rap over.

Aside from night clubs, dance clubs and radio broadcasting, disc jockeys are also hired to perform for special events such as weddings. With the kind of mainstream music style today, hiring disc jockeys enables us to blend with the popular music trends that a lot of people can relate to especially younger people. By hiring disc jockeys on your wedding event, you can boost up the excitement and thrill that can last all throughout the day. With a goal of producing exciting, trendy and one-of-a-kind productions, DJs will surely make your wedding day a more memorable experience both for the couple and the guests. Know more about wedding DJs in

Tips on Maximizing the Service of your DJ

1)Make it clear to the disc jockey that you are in-charge. You wouldn’t want to destroy your special day with a wrong mix or an inappropriate choice of song, right? So remind the DJ to stick with the given playlist or line-up of songs for the ceremony unless there are further song requests or any changes done during the event. I am sure that the asian wedding dj will appreciate you for being strict and clear since he/ she has a proper and well-planned direction to follow throughout the event.

2)Create your personal playlist and be specific so that the DJ will know what you want. In case of moments where an accidental empty stage happens, with a playlist on hand, the DJ will know your musical preference and can fill up that moment with a song. Also, specify the event program so that the DJ will know when to play the songs and what songs to play.

3)Submit your music playlist to the DJ as early as possible. Disc jockeys have to prepare your song beforehand with the right system. To avoid any technical difficulty during the event, DJs make sure to use the right system because sometimes the system they use does not fit with the reception of the event so submitting the playlist weeks before the wedding is a must.

Whether you are working with a wedding planner or not, choosing the right DJ for your special day is very important. Even with a wedding planner, do your research and review the working experience and credentials of your punjabi wedding dj so as to make sure that the wedding tracks will go well as planned.


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